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Sound Therapy

Pair 5 Tuners and OM tuners are used in the following techniques. The training and information to use the tuning forks were taught by Carol Komitor, founder of Healing Touch for Animals, and Arden and Jack Wilken, creators of Inner Sound. The tuning forks are used for relaxation and stress reduction as well as energetically for removing congestion and providing a sense of grounding.

The main premise of the Pair 5 Tuners and OM tuners is the sound created is a pure fifth interval or the distance between any two musical pitches. This sound breaks up energetic congestion, clears an energetic body, and enhances wholeness. The OM tuner is measured at 136.10 Hz which is the natural frequency of the Earth (Earth Resonance) and homeostasis (optimal functioning of the human body and stability).

These techniques may be used during a session or are available as a stand-alone session.

Space Clearing

The tuning forks create a vibrational frequency that moves stagnant and congested energy leaving a feeling of clarity and harmony. The environment will feel clear and supportive of healing. This service is available for your home, yard, or any space that needs a fresh start. I have done this technique at home after the loss of a pet or family member, in office spaces to help motivation, after the company has left, and in new homes. Other locations include a garden and a paddock where a horse was the “new” guy to the group and was being picked on. After the space cleared, everyone got along and felt free to move around their enclosure in a comfortable way. For a whole house or large area, this technique could take 30 minutes to an hour

Energy Field Clearing 

The tuning forks are held to each ear for several seconds and the low sounds provide relaxation for the physical body.

Sound Therapy Balance

 The vibration created by the tuning forks removes congestion from around the body and energy field providing balance.

Vibrational Therapy 

The OM tuner is placed directly on a Chakra or on an area of injury. The vibration of the OM Tuner will be carried through the body which strengthens the energetic system, and creates relaxation and a sense of well-being. This technique is helpful to reduce pain, remove energetic congestion and relax muscles. 

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