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How did you become an energy healer?

Life is funny as you look back and see how it has taken you where you are today! I never thought I would have become an energy healer. My path took me through college with a heavy emphasis on science and animals and later in management and human resources.  I have always been one to “roll with the punches” and have been curious about where life’s path will take me next. My love of animals has been a constant for as long as I can remember and I have viewed them as individuals with their own emotions, and feelings and know that they feel and experience life much as we do. This love of animals and their individual energy led me to find a way to give my furry family the best life possible. I really wanted to connect with my pets on a deeper level and help them enjoy life to the fullest. As my pets aged, I wanted to find a way to help them age gracefully without overusing medications that have harmful side effects. I started using Young Living Essential Oils in 2013 to help my family with stress and physical pain. Then I found a class on animal energy called Healing Touch for Animals (HTA). I took a few classes and felt like something was missing in my understanding of energy work. This led me to become a Reiki Master and complete the coursework for this discipline. Through Reiki, I gained a deeper awareness of how complex and wonderful people are. It also gave me the trust and faith to believe in the movement of energy. I then continued my classes with Healing Touch for Animals and the knowledge of people and animal energy was where my awareness took a big leap! It was the final piece of the puzzle to see the bigger picture of how our energy relates and connects to the world and each other.

The HTA techniques are also used on people and reach a deeper level of healing-a soul level which is where big changes can happen. When working with people, I use several modalities to provide the balance that is needed. Those modalities can include an Amazonite stone to help open the throat chakra, an OM tuner to provide vibration to a sore knee, for easing congestion and smoothing a path for pain release, oil to ground the physical body, and a gentle touch to balance an energy center. Providing a space for deep relaxation to occur is my goal and seeing people let go and truly rest lets me know the energy is moving where it needs to and providing what that person needs at that time.

When receiving a session from me you will be well cared for with a true and honest heart. I offer only the highest intent for good and will support your energetic body in a loving and purposeful way. I hope to see you soon and to have the privilege of being part of your energetic journey. 

Reiki Experience
"It has been a pleasure to have found Cristi, every single time I have visited her, she has been completely spot on with my energy without me even having to say one word. Not only is she super professional, she also provides a write up with each session, so that we can track progress and figure out what needs to be worked on in upcoming sessions. I would highly recommend her to anyone!!"
Tiffany S.

"I received a Reiki Treatment from Cristi. I felt very well cared for throughout the whole experience. Cristi is an attentive, skilled, and very knowledgeable practitioner. Treatment room is very comfortable and clean. I trust Cristi completely :) "
Thomas C.
"Cristi is simply amazing! I received a very grounding and balancing reiki session from her and look forward to the day I receive my next session. Her healing hands and caring heart provided me the perfect supportive space I needed that day. As a licensed massage therapist and reiki master myself, I can be very picky about who I allow into my sacred space and I highly recommend Cristi as a reiki practitioner!" 
Stella W.
"I would give Cristi 10 stars if I could! She is absolutely amazing! I went into Reiki sessions for myself a little skeptical of how much it would help me and I have been blown away! Cristi herself and her treatment room gives me a sense of comfort and trust so I can truly relax and soak up every bit of her magic! She uses crystals and essential oils and can suggest the right ones to get for home to take the healing with you! I always leave feeling refreshed, less stressed, less anxious, more grounded, and I find I sleep better at night, I make better food choices, and I am overall happier when I see Cristi regularly. I feel listened to every session and her recaps of our sessions I look back to often if I need a reminder. She has also greatly helped my animals!! I HIGHLY recommend her to everyone!" 
Desiree D.
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Animals will experience many of the benefits that people enjoy and will actually accept the work much quicker and with faster results. Animals live in the moment and have unconditional love so they understand the energy at a deeper level than humans do. If your pet is having behavior issues, confusion, pain, anxiety or stress, energy therapy can help. If you would like more information about the work I do with animals please visit

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